of YOUR Future Freedom!

Why ‘Freedom Architects’?

Much like a new building, creating true freedom in business doesn’t happen overnight.

Most of the work that goes into creating your success won’t be visible to others until later.

And you’ll need strong foundations, a clear plan, solid materials and a team of reliable experts you can trust.

That’s where we come in – the trusted support you need to bring your vision to life…

…without having to lay every single brick yourself. Because who’s got time for that?!

We help successful female founders just like you to achieve secure, peaceful freedom in, and from, your business so you can show up more fully and joyfully in your life.

Freedom is… Mastery and success without compromise.
Freedom is… Courage and challenge without chaos.
Freedom is… Financial security without working 24/7.
Freedom is… Peace, presence and consistency without self-sacrifice.

It’s our guiding belief that female founders deserve freedom, flexibility and fun in their business, and in their life.

Not one day… Now.

Meet Your Architects

Charlotte Wibberley

Chief Freedom Architect, Marketing Strategist and Agency CEO

As a Marketing Strategist & Agency Owner, my job is to make your life feel easier.

I know what it’s like to be a female founder juggling home life and entrepreneurship, having started my own business back in 2013 when my son was born. Despite building a successful business, I realised I was failing to create any space whatsoever for freedom, flexibility or fun in my business (or my life). I believe women deserve those things, and shouldn’t have to become martyrs to their business (or their family) in order to be successful. 

As a Freedom Architect and Strategist my cutting-edge marketing agency and I focus on helping female founders grow and scale flexible, profitable, online businesses so they can achieve secure, peaceful freedom and joy in (and from) their businesses. We do this through strategic consultancy and implementation packages supporting launches, funnels, Facebook Ads and more.

I’m also the founder of the FM Tribe Membership, and the Funnel Remedy School, where I support small business owners to learn the marketing tools they need to grow their business to make their first six-figures.

Laura Weeden

Chief of Implementation

Laura Weeden started her own business in 2016. It’s been an amazing 5 years, where she has focused on business support and business operations. She adores helping businesses during their growth period and beyond, with team management, project management, social media support, strategy, admin support and technical support. Helping to create and support online courses, and programmes across multiple platforms. 

Laura provides a one-stop shop as a creator, thinker, and doer supporting businesses to find and implement the best tools, systems to compliment and support their business.  

Fun fact: She has a 2nd brown belt in karate and was trained by the amazing British Karate campion, Wayne Otto

Charli Turner

Chief of Operations

As a previous Group Operations Manager Charli loves working with businesses to achieve THEIR goals – in her world there is no such thing as a challenge too big or too small! She focuses on getting the processes and systems in place to save time, money and headaches!

Her role as Business Development and Admin Assistant is to help get stuff done while hopefully making life a little bit easier for the rest of the team.

She’s based in Hertfordshire in the UK, on the doorstep to the countryside – perfect for walking her two pooches.

Fun fact: She once spent the day as Personal Assistant to Pamela Anderson.

Leah Matthews

Web & Design Guru

Leah Matthews is a digital and creative solutions specialist based in Essex, UK. After initially starting her business as a tech VA back in 2016, Leah soon transitioned to focus on building creative and digital solutions for clients and specialising in brand identity, website design, automation, sales funnels, and business strategy.

She loves to work with soulful businesses, coaches, creatives and visionaries to create a purposeful and strategic digital presence that sees their businesses grow to new heights.

Fun fact: Leah previously trained as a professional dancer for 16 years and had dreams of being a choreographer when she was younger – she credits this for her creative flare today!

Nina Gordon

Tech & Facebook Ads Manager

Nina Gordon specialises in digital marketing. She started her own business 5 years ago focussing on social media management, which progressed to sales and marketing in the online education sector. She loves supporting online businesses (or those looking to take their business online) and can help you grow your audience through FB and IG ads, organic social media and email marketing.

Nina helps our clients manage their online businesses as smoothly as possible with the best digital tools, systems and processes.

Fun fact: ever since she was a child she wanted nothing more than to be a primary school teacher. One year into her teaching degree at the age of 18 she quit as she hated it so much and vowed never to have children! (She now has 3 and has nothing but admiration for their teachers!)

Emily Gardiner

Social Media Specialist & Brand Designer

Based in Rutland and having had a career in corporate marketing with brands such as Boots, Emily started her own brand and social media agency ‘Free To Be Creative’ in 2019 and hasn’t looked back. Creativity runs through her veins and she loves to inject that sparkle into businesses branding and social.

Fun fact: Emily travelled the world, loved it so much that she came home and quit her corporate job the next week to start her own business!

She is also a singer in a band 🙂

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